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Mike wishes to remain anonymous. The boy in this picture is not Mike.

Mike's story

Mike (17) experienced online sexual assault. The girl he thought he was talking to turned out to be a much older man who wanted naked pictures of him.

‘I trusted her so I sent her the nude picture she asked for'

‘A while ago I met a girl my own age on Instagram. Her name was Daisy. I liked her and thought she was pretty and I liked her posts, with funny pictures. I did not know her but one day she sent me a DM and told me a few things about herself. We started chatting. In the beginning we only chatted a few times a week, but that soon turned into every day.

In love
I fell in love with her. When I told her I had feelings for her, she told me she felt the same. From that moment on our chats became different, more personal. I really felt like I could share things with her and she also shared things about her life with me. She said she would love to meet me in person some time. I wanted that too. But every time we made plans, she had to cancel for some reason. She did not want to video chat because she was too shy, she said. She preferred to meet me in person.

One day she asked me if I would send her a picture of myself without a sweater or t-shirt on. So naked from the waist up. I thought that was exciting so I did what she asked. She said I looked great and asked for more pictures. I was really in love and I trusted her, so I sent her more pictures. A few days later she asked me to send a fully naked picture of myself. If I did what she asked, she would have a fun surprise for me, she said. I had my doubts, because I wasn’t completely comfortable with sending a fully naked picture. But Daisy kept asking. She said sweet things to me and ultimately I caved.

After that I didn’t hear anything from Daisy for a few days. Until I got a message telling me to film myself while jerking myself off. If I refused, she would send my naked picture to my parents and classmates. I was in shock, and panicked. I didn’t know what to do. But I made the video because I didn’t want my parents or classmates to see my naked picture.

It made me sick. But my father noticed something was up with me. He kept asking, but I kept saying I was fine. But he sensed that I wasn’t. He sent me a link to a counselling service I could chat to if I was in trouble. That’s what I ended up doing. They helped me. Ultimately I also reported the assault to the police. 

Older man
We found out Daisy didn’t even exist. All that time I had not been chatting to a girl, but to a much older man. He had done this to other boys. I want to share my story to warn others; never send naked pictures of yourself to someone you don’t really know.’


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